Our Team

The behind-the-scenes on the kids behind the content.

Cool Scratcher

CEO, Founder, and Lead Developer. Cool Scratcher or Mohit Gore is the founder and CEO of KCT. He enjoys coding, graphic design, writing, reading, editing, filmmaking, 3D modeling/animation, and being funny (though he fails at it a lot). He is no more important than the rest of KCT, though. Every kid on the team is equal! Click on Cool Scratcher's name to contact him in mutliple ways.


--ToxicPoison-- is a cool dude. He's into origami, gaming, and used to be one of Mohit/Cool Scratcher's best friends, but he moved away a while ago 😢. He's still in KidCreatorsTeam, though!


Brando is one of the newest members to KidCreatorsTeam. He's into acting and modeling. You might've spotted him on a poster or something!


Sebbie is also new to KCT. He likes oragimi, gaming, graphic design, and an online Japenese game called Taiko no Tatsujin that he annoyingly plays in the meetings sometimes 😅