Our Team

The behind-the-scenes on the kids behind the content.

Cool Scratcher

CEO, Founder, Funny Team, Audience Analyzer and Lead Developer. Cool Scratcher is the boss; the person who gives the orders. Even so, he does it in a very friendly manner. He is part of the Funny Team at KCT, the Audience Analyzer, and the Lead Developer.


Ideas Director, Creative Director, Fungineer, and Customer Service Head. Aidrules is the man behind the ideas and creative atmosphere of KCT. He's also one of the Fungineers (the people who make our content fun). THE LEGEND!


Funny Team, Fungineer, and Storyteller. --ToxicPoison-- is a very important part of KCT. He is another member of Funny Team and is another Fungineer. What sets him apart from the others, though, is that he is a Storyteller - the person who intergrates stories into our content.