About Us

We're many things. Group of kids creating fun resources to teach other kids? Check. Group of kids striving to make education fun? Check. A bunch of goofy children? Of course - check.


We're kids, yeah, kids with a LOT of free time, admittedly, but we're normal kids. We came together and formed KCT or Kid Creators Team. Changing the world of education is hard work, but we do it.

We can do a lot of things. We code. We teach. We record videos, edit, maintain a YouTube channel from the help of our parents, etc. Although we're busy, we try our hardest to maintain a simple style and good reputation. We welcome everyone to use our resources!

Our content differs from our competitors' content because our content is fun. Every piece of content that teaches something is made to be fun, and we use comedy, storytelling, and creativity to help teachers do what they love - teach.


Get ready for a nice suprise! Kid Creators Team's resources are all mostly free. We provide the normal material free of charge, and currently we have no paid services open to the general public. We're hoping to introduce more of them, but KCT's main resources will always be free of charge and for everyone. Why? Well, we would've loved something like KCT when our teachers were teaching us to be free, and we want other kids to have what we didn't.